See a need in your community, school or workplace but not sure how to address it? We can help. We offer project and event managment services to inspire and support healthy lifestyles, thriving communitites and great research. We deliver policy to people and professionals in a meaningful way.


Healthy lifestyles:

We design programs that help people live better lives by making it easier for them to engage with healthy lifestyle behaviours such as physical activity, healthy eating, community connection and disease management. Whether you’re from the not-for profit, corporate, education or government sectors we can co-design and manage a project, program or event that will help your crew or community work together to be happier, healthier and get the most out of life.



Need to harness the power within your community to help it advance? Communities are diverse with lots of different skill sets, passions and networks – when they work together, they achieve amazing things. We can help your community work better together, sharing skills and interacting. We’ll facilitate partnerships, we’ll consult widely with the right people, we’ll liaise with all levels of government and we’ll bring in people of influence to increase community engagement and build pride of place. We’ll help you share these great stories widely.


Event management:

Need to organise an event but not sure how you’ll get through the list of jobs in time? Go on, hand it over and let us deal with the headaches and phone calls. From booking a site, to promoting the event, to hosting the day, we’ll make sure your next event is a success from start to finish (Pssst: Together with one of our clients we've even got  ‘best stall on show’ ribbon to our name!).



Need to collect data to support your research agenda? We’d love to support your body of work at any stage of the process. We can find money, design programs, engage participants, navigate ethics approval and help with analysis, evaluation and reporting. We can also support you through the process of publication in peer reviewed literature.


Challenge us:

If you’re looking at this list and thinking hmmm, that is sort of what I need, but there’s a little extra - challenge us! We’re always extending our skills and are keen to try new and innovative things. Let us know what you need and we’ll work out a solution or point you in the direction of someone who can. 

  • The City of Hobart has partnered with Healthy Tasmania in the delivery of the inaugural “Healthy Hobart” program.  The program successfully delivered 21 free events offering a range of recreational and social opportunities across the City.  The success of the program was underpinned through the efforts of the team at Healthy Tasmania through their ongoing commitment to improving levels of physical health and social wellbeing within our community.

    Simon Harrison, Manager of Parks and Recreation, City of Hobart