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Healthy Tasmania was founded by Tasmanian sisters Lucy Byrne and Penny Terry.
We work with our partners on a wide range of projects to improve the individual, social and economic health of our communities. 


We like to call ourselves community organisers  - we connect people and groups with similar goals to more efficiently and effectively solve a problem - we are the glue.


Our motivation is to make communities thrive.


We started Healthy Tasmania because we want to help people live the best life they can.
We want people to have good personal health, a broad set of life skills and proudly live in communities that are thriving.


We’re sisters. We’ve been working together to solve problems since Penny was born!
We’ve travelled the world, we’ve lived and worked all over and we’ve chosen to come home to help grow our community, and others like ours, and share their great stories widely (and loudly).


Click through and have a read about what we do - we'd love to help you achieve your goal. 





Healthy Tasmania

Immunisation workshops for GP’s, nurses and other health professionals

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2 comments on article "Immunisation workshops for GP's, nurses and other health professionals"

GST Software

Very good health information. The diabetes Education aimed at helping you manage your diabetes as well as possible. The series about designed for people who are newly diagnosed with diabetes or who need to learn more about treatment options. And it includes meal planning, physical activity, and medication. This sessions take place in group or individual setting, depending on your needs. And it also for pregnant women who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This mainly focus on meal planning, blood glucose testing, and diabetes prevention following delivery.

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