St.LukesHealth Tasmanian Health Report

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Find out what the big health issues are for young Tasmanians (25 to 34 year-olds) and what that might mean for the future of our health system. You can find out more about the report and download the report here.

NOTE: This report was compiled pre-COVID19

Working in the Gaps (what we do)

Chapter 1 - January 2021

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The most common question we get asked at Healthy Tasmania is "but what do you really do?" So, we decided that 2021 was the time to start explaining. Every fortnight (or there abouts) an email will appear in your inbox with a few of our latest thoughts, projects, free programs, community partners and as little sales spam as we're able to uphold! If you want to subscribe to this special list you can fill out your details on our home page in 'Mind if we inbox you?' box.