Healthy Tasmania | We were built to adapt 


Lucky, because that’s what we’re all having to do during COVID-19 and it can be scary.


Our jobs have always been focussed on bringing people together to solve community problems, so we can all stay connected and be as healthy as we can be. Yep, we’ve got a big job ahead of us right now, eh?


We can’t do that like we used to so we’re changing, and will keep changing daily and trying new things so that our people, and your people, can be distanced but not disconnected. 


There are so many ways that we can do this.


In the first instance we are working to deliver our community and workplace health and wellbeing programs online or in other creative ways. (You can keep up with those programs via Facebook such as Active Launceston, Healthy George Town … you might even get to meet our dogs or get a tour of the house too!)


Right now we are working with other community groups and partners on projects that will help YOU, as a community member, feel confident you nkow how to help those who are most vulnerable in our community right now - because what CAN you do, when you can’t make a casserole or give someone a cuddle?


We are problems solvers. We are health and wellbeing promoters. We are project managers. We are innovators. We are doers.


We help people understand why their health matters and use our words and our stories to make it easy for them to make changes.


We bring people together to solve problems and get the job done.


We need this now more than ever.


We want to help you and those people who are important to you. 


We’d love to kick around your idea and see who and what we can bring together to keep your people safe, connected and healthy.




Program Registration
If you'd like to register to attend one of our programs (virtual or otherwise) click here.


App Registration
Alternatively, if you'd like to download the instructions on how to use our "I'm in by Healthy Tasmania" app , click here.


Expressions of Interest
If you'd like to find out more about our Register of Brilliant People, click here.



On Tour - Team training day

We have been lucky enough to go On Tour with a brand new and very passionate "band" from Hobart, although I'm not sure knew they knew they were a band until we arrived!  It didn't take long to nut out and fully appreciate all the unlimited band skills they have as a team. Yes, we were thrilled to deliver this team training day to a local team in the not-for-profit sector here in Tassie. By all accounts, it rocked. Get in touch if your team could do with some rockstar treatement and head over to the 'What we do - Life Skills' section of our website to find out more about our training packages.

Tasmanian podcast series

We were thrilled to be named a top-ten finalist in the Regional Australia Institute's inagural Lightbulb Moments competition. After a busy 6 months working with the RAI to further develop the proposal we're moving into a stage of pre-production and have been really buoyed by the support and commitment we've received from many different sectors so far.  We're passionate about letting Tasmanians lead the conversation about their state, (cause let's be honest, they know it best) so we're creating a way for Tasmanian voices to be heard and their stories to be shared. My word we're excited about this one - expect to hear much more about it soon.

NMFC brings The Huddle to Tasmania

What a great time we've had working with the team from The Huddle, a not-for-profit initiative of the North Melbourne Football Club, which supports and empowers young people through activities across sport and recreation, education and careers, digital skills and community participation. We've just wound up the first ever Huddle program in Tasmania, based in Devonport to big smiles, active kids and a round of applause. As you can imagine we're looking forward to continuing this with NMFC in Tasmania.

App: 'I'm in' by Healthy Tasmania

We've got an app - we're really 'appy with it! We've upgraded from paper registration forms to an app, providing a one off, quick and easy way for you to sign up to any of the programs we run.  We're in the process of making it even better with a new update coming soon. You can download the "I'm in by Healthy Tasmania" app from the App store or Google Play store, fill out your details and 'you're in'! Full instructions here.