What do our clients and participants say about Healthy Tasmania?

We work with incredible clients and we couldn’t be happier that it seems the feeling is mutual! No need to take our word for it, here’s some of what other have had to say about our work:


The City of Launceston have engaged the services of Healthy Tasmania since 2016 to deliver the Active Launceston project. Lucy is the founder and driver of this successful community-wide project that we have financially supported since 2008. With a strong knowledge of both the local government and community and health sectors, Healthy Tasmania are a professional, results-driven organisation that are dedicated to creating healthy and connected communities

Mayor Albert van Zetten, City of Launceston

We have found Healthy Tasmania to be great listeners; they took the time to understand our service, our program and what we were hoping to achieve. They bring great strategic abilities with them, and high-level knowledge of the service environment including individuals, services, and funders, as well as the policy and governmental context.

Wayne Frost, headspace Manager, Launceston/Devonport

St.LukesHealth has employed the services of Lucy Byrne and Penny Terry for a number of our projects, primarily in helping to shape our Tasmanian Health Report. We found their knowledge, professionalism and expertise second to none, while being highly engaging and supportive. Healthy Tasmania is extremely passionate in helping to improve the social and economic health of the Tasmanian community and this was evident in the high quality of work that they delivered for us – their work is strongly aligned to St.LukesHealth’s motto of helping our members to “stay healthy, get well, live better and deliver peace of mind”.

Paul Lupo CEO St.LukesHealth

[Healthy Tasmania] is great to work with. Lucy and Penny play to each other's strengths well and add an element of fun to what can sometimes be challenging or dry topics to work through.  We would have no hesitation in once again accessing the services provided by Healthy Tasmania or recommending them to other organisations and individuals.

Cornerstone Youth Services Employee

We undertook Penny’s storytelling workshop with our youth advisory team; the members are often invited to provide opinion to the media, to design and deliver events to the community, and to tell their personal story. It provided a framework to develop  meaningful, engaging and impactful stories and messages. It was a lot of fun and has been a great boost to their confidence and effectiveness in communication.

Wayne Frost, headspace Manager, Launceston/Devonport

George Town Council engaged the services of Lucy, Penny and their team at Healthy Tasmania for project management, training and mentoring. With their support we have developed a successful evidenced-based, wholistic,  community-wide health and wellbeing program for our community. Healthy Tasmania’s dedication, professionalism and long-term vision helped us to secure funding, upskill our staff and key stakeholders, provide resources and templates for easy implementation and will allow us to manage the project independently into the future. We found Healthy Tasmania to be reliable, available and fully engaged and we couldn’t have created Healthy George Town without their support

Rhonda O’Sign, Community Development Officer, George Town Council, Tasmania

Healthy Tasmania is a proactive professional business that Sustainable Timber Tasmania engaged to review our physical and mental health check providers and service for our 149 employees. Healthy Tasmania assisted in writing a recommendation to move to a holistic approach to health and well-being which Sustainable Timber Tasmania has fully embraced. Healthy Tasmania delivered requirements in a timely manner and are an excellent subject matter source for us to draw on. The team has a variety of skills that complement each other and completely suit our needs. I am proud to say that because of Healthy Tasmania’s work, Sustainable Timber Tasmania is leading the way in the Australian forestry industry in our whole person approach to mental and physical health support. I would highly recommend Healthy Tasmania for any work related to the health of your employees and getting the best from them and working in partnership with organisations to make it happen.

Steve Whiteley, CEO, Sustainable Timber Tasmania

Healthy Tasmania offers master of ceremonies services by Penny Terry, as part of their suite of options. Sustainable Timber Tasmania hired Penny for our inaugural conference in June 2019 and Penny was marvellous in bringing it all together. She worked closely with the event project manager from the pre-planning stage to planning the agenda, providing speaking notes for other guest speakers and spending hours creating an emotional audio tribute to all employees who assisted with the summer bushfires.  Penny kept the audience’s attention for the whole two days and evening event. She kept the conference alive and connected for all audience members. She created a sense of trust and her sense of creativity and humour put everyone at ease. I would highly recommend Penny Terry and Healthy Tasmania to assist with your next conference or to help facilitate your next strategic or leadership forum.

Steve Whiteley, CEO, Sustainable Timber Tasmania

We engaged Healthy Tasmania to deliver their 'Healthy Performance' program for our football club.

To get Hayden on board for this season (2019) was such a bonus for me as head coach, and he went above and beyond what I thought was possible for our playing group. Our low injury rate was attributed to the strength and conditioning work Hayden did and for this I thank him very much. North Launceston finished on top of the ladder and won the 2019 Tasmanian State League Premiership.

Taylor Whitford, Senior Coach, North Launceston Football Club

HT Pty Ltd (and Penny) were fantastic to work with to raise greater awareness of our service and what our sometimes "hidden" specialist professionals do to support organ and tissue donation for the community. Would definitely recommend participation to other services thinking about looking for other avenues to reach the community.

Davin Hibberd, Executive & Communications Officer, DonateLife TAS

I read, with great delight, the story about the Mental Well [Mentally Well] sessions you have organised. What a wonderful initiative and support for people in these difficult times….. Just to let you know that we have sent out the information you sent us to our Executive members for distribution to their Communication Tree members. Thank you for your support of our members.

Sally Milbourne, President, Tasmania Principals Association

I felt honoured and privileged to be a part of the [Mentally Well] program and I thought 'Laughter is Medicine' was a good fit for the program too. I thought you [Healthy Tasmania] were all very organised and direct in letting me know your expectations and feedback afterwards too. It was exciting to be involved in a new initiative, and I sensed the passion amongst the Heathy Tasmania Team too, which was brilliant. I was nervous for my talk, as I haven't ever done anything to that scale over Zoom before. It was a slightly new dynamic for me, so I wanted to make sure I delivered the best experience for all that I could. However, I really enjoyed it when I was 'on air' and enjoyed getting into the flow and hopefully conveying my message to those watching. I just hope everyone got something positive out of it too!!

Jenny McGregor, Humour Foundation Australia

Very supportive, easy, and clear. The Healthy Tasmania team were very professional and easy to work with. At times like these, people tend to become more mindful of their health, including their behavioural and psychological health. Programs like these are a great response to those community demands and opportunities.

David Bakker, Founding Director and Clinical Psychologist, Moodmission App

Thank you Lucy and Penny for a great training program.. You don’t just make it easy to follow, but you make it thoroughly enjoyable and we [Sherriff Health and Fitness] both really loved partaking in this. We learned a lot and found it all very useful and relevant.

Kylie Moore, Sherriff Health and Fitness

Best wishes on the relocation and congratulations on what has been an outstanding contribution to improving the health and well being of Northern Tasmanians. Our Clinical school was the beneficiary of your energy, vision, innovation and influential networking..... modeling for our students the best exemplars of community leadership and engagement. Our University mission and indeed our successes are necessarily vested in our sense of place and the community we work with. Over the years, in the varied iterations championed by Lucy, and often against the prevailing political thought, your programs have expertly linked University and Community for the better.

I wish you every future success.

Dr Kim Rooney, Associate Head (MBBS Division) and Former Director (Launceston Clinical School)

Engage Therapies engaged Healthy Tasmania to support us to develop our strategic plan. Lucy was personable and knowledgeable she kept us on task and ensured we had time to talk about all things on the agenda and that we all equally contributed to the discussions. We would not have ended up with such a high-quality end product without Lucy's help.  I enjoyed working with her, she is professional and super organised and flexible. She has great communication skills. I hope we get to work together again someday

Annabelle Dent, Senior Occupational Therapist, Engage Therapy

Healthy Tasmania has a great objective - obviously to improve the health and fitness of the community and my gosh they do it well. A wide berth of support for activities that improves people's learning and physical activity. Great company to be inspired by.

Linda Wells, Eat Right at Work (e-Raw)

Penny is the interview whisperer - I hear her voice in my mind before, during, and after media interviews. Because of her vast experience in media, I’ve moved from confused to confident and memorable. She taught me the importance of understanding the host, producer, and audience's needs – and the essence of a media story – short, relevant, and emotional. Penny explained how to create, build and sustain a relationship with the host and media outlet beyond the initial interview. As a result, I’m exporting to Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Netherlands,  Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States, from my home in Australia.

Oscar Trimboli, Deep Listening Expert, Keynote Speaker, Award Winning Podcaster

I have known and worked with Healthy Tasmania through Lucy and Penny and have been so impressed with their reach and impact throughout the Tasmanian community.  They have built a strong following and brand through the hard work and results focussed projects they take on.  All projects they take on around tackling issues with solution driven goals and outcomes due to the depth of knowledge and the theory backing up their expertise in the promotion of good physical and mental health. They have incredible networks due to the respect they continue to build with every project they deliver on. I, personally, am a regular consumer of their podcasts and continue to use their tips and hints. The team at Healthy Tasmania offers a range of skills and their evidence-based approach ensures real outcomes, and their contemporary style ensures they will work with the community/clients in a manner that will suit them, again, allowing for a better chance of success

Kim Seagram, Chair and Co-Founder FermenTasmania, Board Director




"Healthy Tasmania are a great local business to be involved with. They are motivated and positive change advocates that clearly just want the best outcomes for the Tasmanian community."


"The Community Rapid Response Team (North) were grateful to have the opportunity to be involved with Healthy Tasmania. It was a great opportunity to have the vital work that we do within the community showcased."


"These guys (HT) are fantastic; out in local communities promoting positive physical and mental well-being and all the benefits that go along with that. In a time where active lifestyles need to be encouraged, these guys are out there doing it in Tasmanian communities. Great organisation doing great things for the people."


"I have attended two workshops presented by Heathy Tasmania and in both they have been well informed on the subject matter and facilitated professionally covering large amounts of content in an enjoyable and efficient style. I would highly recommend Lucy and Penny."


"Healthy Tasmania took extra strides to ensure this workshop ran in a timely and efficient manner. Penny and Lucy made the day fun and entertaining while still a professional attitude toward the nature of the workshop. Despite having a self-expressed minimum understanding of the aspects of the topics, they overcame these perceived obstacles with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. I would recommend Healthy Tasmania to any organisation requiring a professional moderator of workshops to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved."


“Penny and Lucy are a totally dynamic team, presenting the workshop in a fun and engaging way. It was interactive from the moment we walked in. Came away with really useful insights, ideas, templates, and examples, that I can use in my work.”


“A totally refreshing personal development experience – learning made so pleasurable”  


“A number of words come to mind when I think of how this workshop was facilitated: high energy, dynamic, well organised, quirky and fun, well prepared, highly recommended!”


“Healthy Tasmania provide a contemporary and creative [workshop] style which is immediately engaging, and whilst playful and inclusive, their facilitation is astute and task orientated.”


“Penny and Lucy facilitated a great workshop… - their style was engaging, inclusive and outcomes-oriented. With their support, we covered a big agenda and have a clear and aligned path forward for [our new organisation].”


“It’s obvious your team are passionate about your work, delivering in a fun and relaxed manner and getting us connecting and working from the start. The delivery helped me to retain information.”


"High energy and with great knowledge of the organisation. They [Lucy and Penny] complement each other really well, it was a fun and respectful session."


"I'm a big fan of anyone who can hold my attention for the duration of their presentation. Both Penny and Lucy are at the top of their game when it comes to delivering to an audience.”


"Engaging, energetic and enthusiastic! Lucy and Penny showed us that storytelling is not just for kids and that by using stories in our work we can create impact and captivate our audience. It was a fun and fulfilling day and I have been able to immediately put some of the tools and lessons into my work."

“Thoroughly enjoyed the energy that Penny and Lucy generated right from the very start - they made us sit up and pay attention as we quickly realised this was not going to be just another ordinary 'workshop' ...it really was a great experience!”


“Lucy and Penny are two amazing ladies, full of passion and energy. They are certainly experienced in being able to provide an effective, fun training session for participants.”


“Lucy and Penny were excellent! The day was professionally organised and ran very smoothly. The group was engaging and the concept of the band was very creative. It is hard to get a large group to work together and they made it fun”


“I enjoyed the day very much. You both were excellent presenters and I would recommend you to anyone looking at undertaking days such as this. Thank you so very much”.

“I felt both penny/Lucy delivered the workshop amazingly, at the start of the workshop we all explained that we didn't like big words they both adapted super quick and changed the way they said things, or stopped and made sure we understood everything that was being said. They did not make us feel unincluded and nonjudged. During an activity Lucy could see I was struggling and could see straight away that I was a talker I knew the stuff just couldn't write it. She really took the time to help me”


“I enjoyed the way they presented, I felt comfortable sharing in the workshop. I also loved the interaction between Penny and Lucy and sharing their stories with us.”