What do our clients and participants say about Healthy Tasmania?

We work with incredible clients and we couldn’t be happier that it seems the feeling is mutual! No need to take our word for it, here’s some of what other have had to say about our work:


Thank you Lucy and Penny for a great training program.. You don’t just make it easy to follow, but you make it thoroughly enjoyable and we [Sherriff Health and Fitness] both really loved partaking in this. We learned a lot and found it all very useful and relevant.

Kylie Moore, Sherriff Health and Fitness

Thankyou Penny and Lucy for your expertise and experience, your excellent mentorship and for your friendship. I’ve really enjoyed it and got a lot out of each session. The worksheets have been really handy too.
Your systems are considered and well thought through, they were flexible enough but still structured enough to really make a difference and get the ball rolling and I’ll be happily recommending your work to anyone I think would be suitable. Thank you so much for the journey.

Bianca Walsh, Co-Owner, HR & Restaurant Manager + Board Director + Mental Health Advocate (BBehavsc) Stillwater Restaurant, Black Cow Bistro and Seven Rooms.

Bianca Welsh, Co-Owner, HR & Restaurant Manager + Board Director + Mental Health Advocate

Best wishes on the relocation and congratulations on what has been an outstanding contribution to improving the health and well being of Northern Tasmanians. Our Clinical school was the beneficiary of your energy, vision, innovation and influential networking..... modeling for our students the best exemplars of community leadership and engagement. Our University mission and indeed our successes are necessarily vested in our sense of place and the community we work with. Over the years, in the varied iterations championed by Lucy, and often against the prevailing political thought, your programs have expertly linked University and Community for the better.

I wish you every future success.

Dr Kim Rooney, Associate Head (MBBS Division) and Former Director (Launceston Clinical School)

Engage Therapies engaged Healthy Tasmania to support us to develop our strategic plan. Lucy was personable and knowledgeable she kept us on task and ensured we had time to talk about all things on the agenda and that we all equally contributed to the discussions. We would not have ended up with such a high-quality end product without Lucy's help.  I enjoyed working with her, she is professional and super organised and flexible. She has great communication skills. I hope we get to work together again someday

Annabelle Dent, Senior Occupational Therapist, Engage Therapy

Healthy Tasmania has a great objective - obviously to improve the health and fitness of the community and my gosh they do it well. A wide berth of support for activities that improves people's learning and physical activity. Great company to be inspired by.

Linda Wells, Eat Right at Work (e-Raw)

Penny is the interview whisperer - I hear her voice in my mind before, during, and after media interviews. Because of her vast experience in media, I’ve moved from confused to confident and memorable. She taught me the importance of understanding the host, producer, and audience's needs – and the essence of a media story – short, relevant, and emotional. Penny explained how to create, build and sustain a relationship with the host and media outlet beyond the initial interview. As a result, I’m exporting to Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Netherlands,  Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States, from my home in Australia.

Oscar Trimboli, Deep Listening Expert, Keynote Speaker, Award Winning Podcaster

I have known and worked with Healthy Tasmania through Lucy and Penny and have been so impressed with their reach and impact throughout the Tasmanian community.  They have built a strong following and brand through the hard work and results focussed projects they take on.  All projects they take on around tackling issues with solution driven goals and outcomes due to the depth of knowledge and the theory backing up their expertise in the promotion of good physical and mental health. They have incredible networks due to the respect they continue to build with every project they deliver on. I, personally, am a regular consumer of their podcasts and continue to use their tips and hints. The team at Healthy Tasmania offers a range of skills and their evidence-based approach ensures real outcomes, and their contemporary style ensures they will work with the community/clients in a manner that will suit them, again, allowing for a better chance of success

Kim Seagram, Chair and Co-Founder FermenTasmania, Board Director

I loved the way that Penny structured and ran Amplify your Impact. This course is a powerful weekly group coaching and individual coaching course that changed my perspective. It gave me new skills, raised my awareness and increased my insight into how I want to and how I can impact others in my professional capacity. Penny is a skilful teacher and coach. She provides the most thoughtful resources to use within the coaching sessions. I felt I was in exceptionally talented hands

Dr Torna Pitman, Researcher, Coercive Control Expert, Founder and Director Talking Wise

It was fabulous to have Penny as one of our keynote speakers at our Association Conference. Her presentation was dynamic, interesting and gave our attendees lots to ‘take away’ both personally and professionally. Penny provoked some great discussion points for the delegates – making memorable stories, showing your vulnerable self and authenticity, being ok with who we are and learning to like ourselves!

Cynthia Pearce, President, Tasmanian School Administrators Association of Tasmania

We have now engaged the services of Lucy and Healthy Tasmania on a number of projects where we are seeking to deliver better health outcomes for our clients, volunteers and staff. These projects span across workplace health and wellbeing, smoking cessation and trauma grief and loss support for children.

The team at Healthy Tasmania have always been flexible, adaptable and sensitive to the mission and vision of our organisation. They have been able to connect us to new networks as our programs have pivoted to include more clinical services, as we respond to the increased complexity of issues our people are experiencing themselves or in their roles to support others. Healthy Tasmania offer us bespoke services that suit our needs, are based on evidence, and provide us with expertise and experience beyond our own resource whenever we need it

Stephen Brown, CEO, Launceston City Mission




"Healthy Tasmania are a great local business to be involved with. They are motivated and positive change advocates that clearly just want the best outcomes for the Tasmanian community."


"The Community Rapid Response Team (North) were grateful to have the opportunity to be involved with Healthy Tasmania. It was a great opportunity to have the vital work that we do within the community showcased."


"These guys (HT) are fantastic; out in local communities promoting positive physical and mental well-being and all the benefits that go along with that. In a time where active lifestyles need to be encouraged, these guys are out there doing it in Tasmanian communities. Great organisation doing great things for the people."


"I have attended two workshops presented by Heathy Tasmania and in both they have been well informed on the subject matter and facilitated professionally covering large amounts of content in an enjoyable and efficient style. I would highly recommend Lucy and Penny."


"Healthy Tasmania took extra strides to ensure this workshop ran in a timely and efficient manner. Penny and Lucy made the day fun and entertaining while still a professional attitude toward the nature of the workshop. Despite having a self-expressed minimum understanding of the aspects of the topics, they overcame these perceived obstacles with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. I would recommend Healthy Tasmania to any organisation requiring a professional moderator of workshops to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved."


“Penny and Lucy are a totally dynamic team, presenting the workshop in a fun and engaging way. It was interactive from the moment we walked in. Came away with really useful insights, ideas, templates, and examples, that I can use in my work.”


“A totally refreshing personal development experience – learning made so pleasurable”  


“A number of words come to mind when I think of how this workshop was facilitated: high energy, dynamic, well organised, quirky and fun, well prepared, highly recommended!”


“Healthy Tasmania provide a contemporary and creative [workshop] style which is immediately engaging, and whilst playful and inclusive, their facilitation is astute and task orientated.”


“Penny and Lucy facilitated a great workshop… - their style was engaging, inclusive and outcomes-oriented. With their support, we covered a big agenda and have a clear and aligned path forward for [our new organisation].”


“It’s obvious your team are passionate about your work, delivering in a fun and relaxed manner and getting us connecting and working from the start. The delivery helped me to retain information.”


"High energy and with great knowledge of the organisation. They [Lucy and Penny] complement each other really well, it was a fun and respectful session."


"I'm a big fan of anyone who can hold my attention for the duration of their presentation. Both Penny and Lucy are at the top of their game when it comes to delivering to an audience.”


"Engaging, energetic and enthusiastic! Lucy and Penny showed us that storytelling is not just for kids and that by using stories in our work we can create impact and captivate our audience. It was a fun and fulfilling day and I have been able to immediately put some of the tools and lessons into my work."

“Thoroughly enjoyed the energy that Penny and Lucy generated right from the very start - they made us sit up and pay attention as we quickly realised this was not going to be just another ordinary 'workshop' ...it really was a great experience!”


“Lucy and Penny are two amazing ladies, full of passion and energy. They are certainly experienced in being able to provide an effective, fun training session for participants.”


“Lucy and Penny were excellent! The day was professionally organised and ran very smoothly. The group was engaging and the concept of the band was very creative. It is hard to get a large group to work together and they made it fun”


“I enjoyed the day very much. You both were excellent presenters and I would recommend you to anyone looking at undertaking days such as this. Thank you so very much”.

“I felt both penny/Lucy delivered the workshop amazingly, at the start of the workshop we all explained that we didn't like big words they both adapted super quick and changed the way they said things, or stopped and made sure we understood everything that was being said. They did not make us feel unincluded and nonjudged. During an activity Lucy could see I was struggling and could see straight away that I was a talker I knew the stuff just couldn't write it. She really took the time to help me”


“I enjoyed the way they presented, I felt comfortable sharing in the workshop. I also loved the interaction between Penny and Lucy and sharing their stories with us.”