Out-sourcing is the new black. If you or your organisation need some professional support regarding policy, community and research grant writing, recreation planning, project scoping services or community consultation get in touch and we’ll do the hard work for you so you can concentrate on those things you’re best at.


Recreation planning:

While our Managing Director Lucy Byrne wears lots of hats, her first love (and qualification) is in recreation planning. She’d love to talk with you about developing a plan that will see your organisations money best spent to support the sport and recreation needs of your community.


Project scope:

We love the challenge of pulling together lots of different pieces of information to ensure projects run smoothly and meet stakeholders expectations. If you're looking for someone to facilitate that process, write reports and do the hard yards required to get a project up and running, we're your team.



Writing policy or organisational manuals needs a certain type of language and a certain type of patience! We’ve been well schooled in this. If you need some policy documents for you small business, not-for-profit or government department, leave this job to us so you can get on with the important work you’re doing.


Securing funding:

If you’ve ever wondered just what the funding bodies are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Our people have attracted more than three million dollars in public funds, sponsorship, donations and grants for a variety of projects to date and we’d love to help you secure some money for your next project. We’ll make sure your application sings.



Need to understand what your community, stakeholders or staff think about an issue or project? We love talking to people, listening to what they say (yes, all of them) and pulling that information into an easily digestible format or report so you can move the issue forward.

  • There is a strong alignment between Bitlink and Healthy Tasmania, we are both passionate about delivering better outcomes for Tasmania through education and engagement. In helping to develop the Active Technology program, we felt a strong connection with the Healthy Tasmania team and found their professionalism and creative approach to problem solving aided in producing a better outcome than we could have imagined.There ability to promote and connect us with the community has helped ensure that our collaborations will continue to achieve great outcomes into the future.

    Troy Merritt, Bitlink