Take a scroll through the many different ways that we support and provide advice to our clients to achieve their best outcomes. 


More productive processes

Is your end game strong but you don’t know how to get there? Lots of our clients have a goal or a vision in mind but are dealing with new or unprecedented issues and don't know what they need to do to pull it all together. Every good outcome is the result of a good process. We will help you jump the hurdles, climb through the hoops and clear the road ahead through effective problem solving, using clever thinking and discovery processes to ensure you will get where you are going


Community to Commercial 

After successfully converting a community-based project to an award-winning commercial enterprise, Lucy can support you to navigate the complex systems and unpack proven practises to ensure your project or organisation can continue to improve community outcomes whilst also contributing to the economy, for the long-term. 


Project Management

We love the challenge of pulling together lots of different pieces of information and stakeholders to ensure projects run smoothly, meet expectations and fit within the project‘s triple constraint. If you're looking for someone to do the hard yards, facilitate the process, and write the reports that are needed to get a project up and running, we're your team.


Policy and Governance

Writing policy, or organisational manuals or scrutinising governance practise needs a certain type of understanding, a certain type of language and a certain type of patience! We’ve been well-schooled in all of this. If you need some policy or governance documents for your small business, not-for-profit or government department, leave this job to us so you can get on with the important work you’re doing.


Sport, Leisure and Recreation Planning

While our Managing Director Lucy Byrne wears lots of hats, her first love (and qualification) is in recreation planning. She’d love to talk with you about developing a plan that will see your organisations money best spent to support the sport and recreation needs of your community.


Strategic Communications

Got some important stuff to say and need some help to make sure it lands well? This is Penny’s happy place. Penny has helped share more than 20,000 stories with diverse audiences and has watched as bad planning, missed details and assumptions have ended awkwardly. Penny will show you how to deliver bad news well and good news effectively. Whether you want someone to go through the process and possible outcomes step by step or you just need someone to double-check your thinking – Penny is your gal. 


Securing funding

If you’ve ever wondered just what the funding bodies are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Our people have attracted close to four million dollars in public funds, sponsorship, donations and grants for a variety of projects and we’d love to help you secure some money for your next project. We’ll make sure your application sings.


Systems Reform and Improvement 

We are constantly challenging the ‘norm’. From delivering health promotion as a private provider to developing phone apps, to health literacy podcasts, to advising a not-for-profit on the structure behind their globally leading technologies, to using the power of storytelling to change policy. We believe that we can ALL do better for ALL Australians and a key part of that is taking the ‘policy to the people in a meaningful way’. To do this, systems thinking is key to the approach we take to our work. While we have become experts at working within the current systems, we are also strong advocates for improving those systems to ensure better health outcomes for Australians. We would love to help you look at how you can do things better by improving or reforming your system or organisation. 


Community Consultation

Need to understand what your community, stakeholders or staff think about an issue or project? We love talking to people, listening to what they say (yes, all of them) and pulling that information into an easily digestible format or report so you can move the issue forward.



Well, we left this one to the end of the list as evaluation always comes last, right? Wrong! Evaluation always needs to be built-in at the start. Our team have initiated, developed and managed numerous evaluations of community projects, programs and events using many different methodologies. We have developed our own framework that is underpinned by a number of theories but has two key elements; ‘Data Validates’ and ‘Stories Captivate’. Our process has shown to increase the understanding of the project process, the impacts and outcomes by capturing both data, and the stories of those involved. We’ve learned that applying the evidence-base is not enough, we need to understand how the evidence-base has been adapted and adopted by real-people in real-word settings if we want to know the real societal impact of our work. We can help you set up an evaluation framework or just do it all for you.