Take a look through some of our most popular (and new) facilitated workshops that will help you and your teams think better, together. Or if you have a specific problem that needs a professional facilitator, get in touch. 



  • Get the best from your people in a fun environment. 

  • Make group decisions that are more easily embedded, understood and valued.

We love helping teams make big or tricky decisions, provide authentic insights and feel awesomely comfortable about the process they’ve used to get there. In this program, we take advantage of group dynamics and different thinking styles to sift through all the things that need to be considered to create the best result. Let us lead the room (virtual or physical) as we manage expectations, create trust, generate clever thinking, provoke innovative solution, expand ideas and set up a framework to make things happen after the day is done. We’ll also be sure to capture the process of your people doing the doing, so you can see how it all came together.



  • Create a strategic plan that is meaningful and valued by your people.

  • Embed your organisation’s vision in half the time, with double the impact. 

Strategic planning CAN be boring or you can do it the Healthy Tasmania way and produce a document that won’t just sit on the shelf collecting dust but be seen in the way each person works each day. We will get your team working from the moment they walk in the room, engaged, thinking outside the box and presenting their opinions without really knowing it. Drawing on Healthy Tasmania’s unique combination of skills ranging from high-level policy development, corporate governance and planning, to live radio, storytelling and proven experience engaging diverse groups across the community, you can expect a strategy planning session that will be packed with equal parts fun and productivity as we outline your mission, vision, objective and actions that will mean something to everyone.



  • Turn your nightmare, into the dream team.

  • Build respect, find common ground and see better outcomes, in three sessions.

Workplaces come with all sorts of different personalities and politics which can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings and frustrations. We understand that it’s often these nuances that stop teams from being able to achieve their goals. This session will bring your team together to dissolve the blockers that are getting in the way of action and helps people say what they mean without getting one another off-side.