Yep, it’s a thing. A thing that many organisations have never felt more pressure to get right for their people and their communities. Luckily, it’s also a thing that our team has been getting right for 20 years. We’ll make sure your people and your communities feel connected and in control of their health and wellbeing… and we’ll even make you look good in the process.


On this page, you can read about some of our ready-made projects that can be moulded to your specific needs, plus check out our range of professional development options that allow you and your team to learn from our experience and feel more confident to design and manage successful projects... without the headaches! 



Workshops | Presentations | Mentoring | In person and online.


Healthy and connected communities

  • Create lasting change in your community that people will value.
  • Get access to ready-made evidence-based resources to halve your budget and timeline, yet double your project impact. 

Do you understand the financial, social and emotional impact that poor health has on your community yet are frustrated or feel powerless to make change? Motivating people to look after their own health is a huge challenge and the systems that govern our health and community sectors are complex, politicised and often disconnected.  Yeah, we get it and we know how to get past it.  We’ve created a 6-step framework to help you get your project right, the first time.

This is a series of workshops including:

Find a need

Find a partner

Find the funding

Develop and Deliver


Share the story


Healthy and happy leaders and workplaces

  • Look after the wellbeing of your people and yourself with confidence.
  • Gain a framework to reduce the worry and risk that comes with looking after the health and wellbeing of others. 

Being a leader can sometimes be a lonely place. When you are busy looking after everyone else, it’s understandable that there’s little time to look after you. This program will remind you why being both physically and mentally healthy is good for you and your organisation and provide you with the means and motivation to do it well. You’ll get a better understanding of the barriers to creating healthy workplaces and a list of ideas to knock them down and share the load. 


Give people a hand up, no a handout

  • Motivate people to look after their own health and stay well for longer.
  • Create multiple ongoing partnerships and triple the chance of sustainable project outcomes. 

Short term funding cycles can make us feel like all the hard work goes to waste as soon our or projects finish, as participants lose their supports and the sector risks losing key personnel and learnings. This program explores how individuals, organisations, private businesses and governments must all work together to provide the type of support that will motivate people to look after their own health and stay out of hospital. You'll find out how Healthy Tasmania is ‘doing health differently’ to capture those who are most difficult to engage, yet only need to move along the continuum slightly to make the biggest difference to our overall health and economic outcomes. You’ll learn how effective preventative health and health promotion strategies are the way forward for the future prosperity of our country, and that we all have a role to play. 


Stories captivate, data validates

  • Go beyond the data and make real change in your communities.
  • Use an evaluation methodology that will (at least) double program recognition and improve funding security. 

Ever feel like the most memorable outcomes from your project are lost in the reporting? The research, community and health sector has multiple systems in place to collect data but lacks the systems to collect the stories that bring that data to life. This weakens our ability to impact the communities we work within. This program pulls knowledge from Lucy’s left brain and Penny’s right brain to show you why and how the combination of stories and data will help you get more projects funded, with better outcomes, more often. 


Community Changemakers

  • Work for your community with courage and confidence.
  • Get more done, more quickly and within your budget.

Local government processes and policies are complex, politicised and often disjointed, and managing the expectations of elected members, senior management and ratepayers all within a tight budget can be a juggling act. With over two decades working across government and community sectors, Lucy understands what it takes to create effective connections to make a difference. Through a one-on-one mentoring program, Lucy will work with you week by week to give you the confidence, skills and industry know-how so you can courageously make the right connections and develop the right projects to create lasting change in your community. This program will help you create great relationships with community partners, feel confident in your understanding of local government processes, and get people on board with your ideas.  


We design evidence-based, practice-informed projects that help people live better, work better and create lifelong habits. 


Community-wide programs 

We work with local councils, state and federal government and community organisations to develop, design and deliver community-wide health and wellbeing initiatives that get fast uptake and create lasting outcomes. These initiatives are often funded through a variety of sources, provide free access to programs, resources and networks and are designed to remove any barriers that get in the way of living a healthy and connected life. Check out Active Launceston, Healthy Hobart and Healthy George Town, to take a look at the types of initiatives we’ve created in partnership with communities. We can do all the work and management for you or support you to get set up whilst providing training along the way.  


Workplace Activation

This program is as long as a piece of string. It can bring all your workplace health and wellbeing ‘stuff’ under one umbrella that will make sense to your employees and makes sense of your company values. We can start by giving your existing health and wellbeing policies a once over or we can build something brand new. We can review your service providers and make recommendations on who to engage for the best outcomes. We can go beyond the hard hats and steel toe boots, knowing your employees financial, mental, social and physical health all impact their performance at work. We will create a holistic and strategic health and wellbeing program ready for you to implement, or we can implement it for you. Looking after your people is a big job, and an important one and we have the tools, knowledge and experience to help you to do it properly. Want to print this off for your boss or People and Culture manager? No problems, we've got a flyer for that right here.

Just interested in online monthly health presentations for your team? We can also do that too with Healthy ZOOM 


Healthy Quit 

Helping your employees or community group to quit smoking will be lifechanging for them and will create health, social and cultural change for your organisation or community.  Our unique approach has developed a hands-on, creative and interactive program that’s based on evidence, but flexible to local needs. It’s been developed from a pilot program that boasts a 64% short-term quit rate, and created some very proud, happy and healthier people (both those who quit and those who gave them the opportunity). Find out more about Healthy Quit here


Healthy Shed

Prefer spending time in the shed rather than a gym? You’re not the only one. Our Healthy Shed program works with community groups to bring local health services and information into Men’s and Community Sheds as an easy and effective way to link members up with the information and services they’ll need to start creating lifelong healthy habits... that they’ll actually stick to.  We’ll help you co-design and roll out a 14-week healthy lifestyle project that your members will love. Sessions may cover topics relating to quitting smoking, healthy relationships, stress management, wound care, understanding mental health, physical activity, managing medications and whatever else your group wants to learn more about. Want to know more, click here to see a poster.


Healthy Goals

Are you an NDIS participant that is self-managed or plan managed? Want to meet your health goals in a fun and relaxed environment? Well we want you to too, and we want to help you do it. We can work with you on an individually tailored program through a number of NDIS support areas including your favourite sporting activities, strength and cardiovascular training, quitting smoking, nutritional advice (such as cooking skills, supermarket tours, label reading and smart swaps). We can also support you to engage with the free community programs we deliver across the state. Want more? We also offering mentoring for participants who are transitioning into further education, work or establishing their own business. Thinking of something else? Just ask! We've got the poster to below


Healthy Performance 

Got some top athletes in your club but don’t have the time to unlock their true potential? Are you the parent of a young person who wants to enhance their game? Healthy Performance is a strength and conditioning program designed specifically for athletes who wish to take their performance from ‘good’ to ‘elite’ or need support to make gym-based training work better for them and improve their game. Want to print off something for you Team Manager, Club President or your Mum? We've got a special poster for that here 


Individual Projects

We love working on new projects and untangling complex problems as often as we can. If you’ve got a health and wellbeing project in mind, a problem that you can’t solve, or are confused by the many processes that need to be followed – get in touch. Let us know what you need and we’ll work out a solution or point you in the direction of someone who can. 


*All our programs have been created using the 6-step Healthy Tasmania Framework ™ which is based on evidence, informed by practice and always adapted to your specific needs.