Need help up-skilling your staff or community members? Forget PowerPoint and butchers paper. We design bespoke team building activites that will have everyone interested and on their feet. We’ll bring together the best team to lead your crew in a pioneering training day.


Team building:

While there won’t be any trust exercises or ‘team building’ t-shirts, we will get your team working better together. We will create a team based experience that will help breakdown silos, unleash creativity, identify strengths and weaknesses and improve resilience to prepare for change. If you want to wow your team and help them to be happier, healthier and better at their jobs, get in touch to discuss how we can design program to meet your needs and budget.



We think there is something super special about working one on one. We love bending our mentoring and coaching programs around our client’s specific needs and ways of learning. Mostly we love helping people influence change. We've designed two programs that will teach you communication techniques to confidently present your knowledge, experience and opinions in ways that inspire action over apathy, collaboration over competition. If you want to learn the tricks to get people to listen to what you know, what you do and why it's important, then get in touch and find out more about INVISIBLE TO INFLUENTIAL and BROADCAST READY.



Studies will tell you that as humans we fear public speaking more than death… yet, we need to do it every day. Let us teach you how to push the fear aside and make an impact on your audience, be it one person or 100. We work with groups and individuals who want help to calm their nerves, deliver great content and command attention during presentations, meetings, pitching or when making a speech.



Steve Jobs said, "The most powerful person in the world is the Storyteller". Turns out he was right... and powerful (see what I did there?). Storytelling is in huge demand right now with everyone skilling up. Funding bodies are demanding to hear about 'real world' impacts and corporates want to connect with their teams and clients. So, it seems the word is out that good stories are the fastest and most effective way to have your ideas remembered, retold and understood. But which stories are the right ones and how should they be told? Don't worry, we got this. We'd love to help you find your stories and get them doin' their thang for you asap.



Tell us what you need and we'll sort it. We've got a big basket full of knowledge and networks that we've been collecting since we started our first job of opening gates for Mum and Dad on the family farm. Beyond the farm gates, there's been bar tending on a Greek island, entertaining the Millionaires club at Wineglass bay, a program officer at a  youth detention facility and in-home caring - we've got a fair few skills and experiences that aren't officially listed on the resume, but definitely fit the 'life skills' bill. Call us today so we can start working out a plan to address your needs.

  • The Healthy Tasmania team have a genuine and authentic passion for creating connected and healthy communities. Their skilled and professional team takes the time to understand the issues and needs of communities and partners with holistic solutions designed to achieve long-term outcomes.

    Cameron McLeod, General Manager, Community Engagement, North Melbourne Football Club