Want to turn these so-called ‘soft skills’ into ‘rock hard’ results? Storytelling skills are now a highly sort after addition to your professional toolkit that will make sure your experience and ideas are heard, remembered and respected. Whether you need to demonstrate the ‘real-world impacts’ for funding bodies, you need to create buy-in for your projects or ideas, you want to fast track change, or you want to be a more effective leader, we can help.


On this page, you'll read about our range of professional development options (which we've now separated into short blocks for more effective online delivery ).


Or maybe you just want someone to create the content, and capture the stories for you?  No problem. Check out our content creation options below, or get in touch if you've got an idea you'd like to discuss.



Workshops | Presentations | Mentoring | In person and online.


Amplify your Impact

  • Have your work seen, heard and refunded.
  • Double your influence and your impact in your community and workplace, while securing ongoing funding and buy-in for your projects.

Imagine if you were able to talk about your projects in a way that made people stop and listen? Imagine if you could quickly reel off a big list of examples to highlight the true impact of your work? In our professional lives we can get so caught up telling people what we do and what we think, that we can forget to share why we do it, or who it’s helping. This can mean our knowledge, experience and hard work is ignored and undervalued. We can end up so frustrated that we either start yelling, we give up or we leave. Amplify your Impact is a 3 month small group mentoring program that will double your influence and your impact within your community and industry. It will also help you secure funding and buy-in for your projects. You’ll walk out as an influential communicator with a playlist full of impactful stories, about the right projects, to play for the right people, at the right time. Find out more here


Storytelling Masterclass

  • Share stories, change minds, get more done.
  • Do the same work but have twice the impact with appropriate and risk-free storytelling.

Ever feel like you’re saying the same thing over and over again, yet no one is listening, and nothing is changing? While we have been conditioned to use logic to try and get people ‘on board’ and work together neuroscience tells logic alone isn’t enough. This program will give you the skills and confidence to use storytelling to shift people’s thinking and change their behaviours. You’ll learn to collect and share messages that are heard, remembered and retold.  Find out more here


Story Making Masterclass

  • Create meaningful content that gets noticed
  • Gain a simple framework to halve the time spent finding good stories, coaching talent and creating content, so they get the reach they deserve.  

Know there are some great stories within your organisation or community but don’t know how to find them, let alone convince people to tell them well?  This program helps you identify good stories and storytellers, draw out the best content, and create a piece that will make others pay attention and care.  You’ll learn to set up a system so the great stories find you.   


Create your playlist of stories 

  • Have the right story, for every occasion. 
  • Create a playlist of usable stories and reduce your risk of awkward, fluffy or boring conversations, meetings or presentations.

Got heaps of data but not enough stories? Yeah, we get it. Most workplaces have systems in place to collect data, but very few have systems to collect the stories that bring this data to life and shift peoples thinking! This program will help you create your story playlist and set you up with a simple system of collecting and capturing the right stories, for the right people, to be used at the right time. To find out more, check out our flyer


Unleash your advocates 

  • Your message, their stories, their voice. 
  • Implement successful change and improve organisational reputation twice as fast, with half the risk.

Most leaders recoil a little when we suggest that other people would be better at sharing their organisation's messages publicly. We get it. Handing over your precious reputation, expertise or body of research to your employees or community member feels very risky. But in reality, they're already talking about your organisation and influencing others, without any direction from you. This is an organisational or community-wide program to help you identify the informal yet trusted influencers who will help you make change happen faster. Our framework will help you find the right type of people and teach them to share the right stories, in the right way, with the right people.


Be a better presenter 

  • Write better words, deliver it well, change minds.
  • Use presentation techniques and a presentation writing formula to double your impact as a presenter.

Do you wish that you had a special formula for giving great pitches or public or video presentations without ‘the fear’?  Apparently, everyone does!  This program will teach you our special formula to give killer presentations every time you’ve got something important to say; whether you’re talking to one person or 1000, your manager or the media, at a meeting or to your Mum!  We’ll get you thinking about what you say and how you say it, taking the fear out of public communications, building your confidence and help you find your authentic voice so you will be heard and remembered… and applauded.


Broadcast Ready

  • Become a media ninja. 
  • Give standout media interviews, across platforms without the worry of reputational risk. 

Need to give media interviews but worried you’ll forget your key points, be taken out of context or create a sh#t storm? Or perhaps you just want to shake less at the very thought of being ’on-air’.  In this program, Penny Terry shares what she’s learned during her decade of experience as a live radio presenter and content creator with the ABC, as a podcast host, and as a stage facilitator and MC. You’ll learn what happens behind these scenes, so you know what to expect and what’s expected of you. You’ll learn to handle with the curly questions, give memorable interviews and get in the headlines for the right reasons.  


Authentic You

  • Be heard, be you and feel better.
  • Understand your authenticity markers to become a more trusted and respected leader. 

Is there a ‘work you’ and a ‘home you’?  It can be hard to be the best and truest version of yourself as you jump from team meetings to customer service to strategic directions to cooking dinner! The research says that we trust authentic people, yet it seems we have trouble trusting ourselves to be authentic at work.  This program will untangle the difference between oversharing and authenticity, helping you be more authentic at work each day.  It will help you pinpoint what makes you authentic and how to wear it on the outside, so you can feel better on the inside. 


Administering a safe dose of opinion

  • Share what you know, say what you mean, without the backlash.
  • Turn your opinions into interesting perspectives, and reduce risk of public commentry.

Finding it hard to say what you mean, without the risk of fallout? In our busy, noisy world that’s crammed with fake news and algorithms that confirm our existing bias’, it’s more important than ever for people with expertise and experience to feel safe and empowered to share what they know. Yet, so many of us feel like we’re either ‘banging our heads against a brick wall’ or will be judged harshly for speaking up. Learn our ‘how-to guide’ for safely and powerfully providing your perspective in a world that’s become allergic to opinion. You’ll become known as an expert with important and memorable messages to share.


From hack to host 

  • Plan and present a podcast worth listening to.
  • Create better content to build your audience, increase your reach, and fill the right gap in a crowded podcast market.

Want to create a podcast but don’t know how to cut-through? Planning, presentation style and production of a podcast are all crucial factors in engaging your audience, meeting their needs and building a loyal audience quickly. Without a thorough process, organisations and individuals risk creating more ‘noise’ for listeners to sort through; a waste of your time and their money. Whether you need to better understand your audience, find the right angle, brush up on your presentation or interviewing skills to get the best from your guests, or need help perfecting the tech, this program will give you the goods to get started well.  You'll even get an industry style 'air-check'.


Package it up

Do you want fries with that? Yep, this is the part where we tell you that you don’t just have to pick one, but can place different programs side by side, just like burgers and fries… oh I mean peas and carrots, the healthy option, obviously. Most of these programs work together to make up larger training programs or professional development experiences. So, pick your favs and we’ll make you a perfect combo deal.



Just need someone to create the content for you? We got this.  We love this. We've been doing it for years. There’s any number of ways we can help you get your stories out and working for you.



Everyone is doing it, so why not you? Well (awkward), there’s a number of reasons actually. As the global library of information continues to grow and audiences become savvier with their time, it’s becoming harder and harder for organisations to share stories that connect, rather than creating content for content’s sake. Done well, podcasting provides the perfect vehicle to engage, inform and entertain our communities and shift often long-held perspectives through the science of storytelling. Not just any stories, stories people want to hear. We will work with you to plan, create and distribute a podcast that will produce relevant, engaging and accessible information, and also inspire the sorts of conversations that will shift people’s thinking for the better.


Capture the process, validate the outcomes

Whether you’re implementing a small community pilot project, rolling out a full-on transitional change program, or running an annual event, we’ve witnessed the recognition that comes when the process is properly captured through both the stories and the statistics. Too often we’ve seen the real work, real impacts and real learnings lost when the evaluation is done only through numbers on a spreadsheet or a handful of survey responses. Let Penny help you capture the true story of your project by collecting the voices and experiences of the people involved. She’ll create an ongoing and highly sharable resource to help your project get the validation and recognition it deserves.


Panel facilitator or M.C (Emcee)

Need someone to pull everything together and make sure your event ‘works’? Have a read about our Creative Director Penny Terry. Penny is an experienced presenter, MC and facilitator, who loves a stage and a good chat… with anyone! Her skill in conversation is renowned for inspiring others to confidently share their experiences in ways that are heard, remembered and retold. She's always up to date with current issues and their wide-ranging impacts and can seamlessly present mixed topics to audiences from diverse backgrounds. Penny's known for her thoughtful insights and ability to connect all the bits and pieces, ensuring your event is relevant, relatable and 'makes-sense'. When Penny has the microphone you'll be able to concentrate on all those other important jobs that need doing, knowing that your delegates and speakers are safe in her hands and having a great time! Penny has been sharing stories for years and will be a fresh face to lead your next event or conference.


Communications strategy

There are ways and ways of communicating. We’d like to help you nut out the best strategy for your brand or organisation and make sure everyone has your key messages locked down, in their own words.  We can help you refine the core aims of your organisation into palatable expressions that you’ll want to yell from the rooftops (or perhaps just in the staff meeting room). We’ll work with you to identify the best promotional platforms for your work and connect you with the right influencers to get your story out.



Need some help getting the word (or words) out? We can help find the right ones for your project. Whether you need a simple media release, help with your speech or podcast scripts, a revamp of your web content or promotional material or maybe you need to distil a complex document into a one-pager, we can help you get the right message across to the right people.