• Ever wondered how to capture all of the rich data from your community project or service?
  • Do you need to report to funding bodies on the success of your initiative or provide an evaluation to government on your services?
  • Do you need information such as who attended, how old they are, where they live, what health conditions they have?


We have done all the hard work for you! This is your opportunity to purchase a licence to use the ‘I’m In’ platform with integrated mobile phone apps to double your effectiveness, yet cut your workload by 80%.

The ‘I’m In’ platform with integrated mobile phone apps is a fast and efficient way to collect and collate significant amounts of participation and demographic data from large community events, local services, community projects and workplace programs.


Developed and regularly updated since 2017, the ‘I’m In’ platform with integrated mobile phone apps is iOS and Android friendly. It has been successfully utilised across multiple projects and services, both large and small, and easily supports you to collect the informed data you need to explain the societal impact of your work.


This platform has been developed by a team who design, deliver and evaluate community projects and services and who understand the crucial, yet often tedious and challenging process of collecting data in a community setting. It provides a variety of data such as: contact information for future promotion, attendance rates, demographic and health status information for reporting, emergency contact details, and even sign off on insurance indemnity and photo consent. ‘I’m In’ is compatible with Federal Government DEX reporting requirements and provides the key information you will need to report to management and other funding bodies such as local and state governments and philanthropic organisations.

The app has been designed to ensure the data collection process is seamless for both event managers and participants. Participants only need to fill out their details once, then provide their unique QR code which will be scanned by an event manager to register their attendance and participation in the activity.


Data is stored securely on the platform allowing you as the platform administrator to easily analyse the data and produce meaningful reports through a built-in system that generates tables, graphs and key project and service outcomes.

As with all community projects and services, some participants will shy away from providing their personal information digitally, and as such this platform and apps also integrates seamlessly with paper-based forms when required.


Watch a short video of how this all works here
Download a flyer here


I'm In user guide 
How to download and how to use the 'I'm in' by Healthy Tasmania app