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Does your health and wellbeing policy need a once over? The research is clear that creating a healthy workplace is good for business, however the process of creating and putting a plan into action can often be unclear and time consuming... but not for us! We’ve been working with organisations to develop the sorts of holistic policies that mean something to employees.  Healthy Tasmania Pty Ltd has extensive experience developing, implementing and evaluating holistic health and wellbeing strategies for Tasmanians in their work environment and we'd LOVE to chat with you and your team about the possibilities and outcomes for your workplace. Click through for more details and get in touch.

Talking Point: Open floodgates to jobs boom | The Mercury

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A well-versed health expert once explained the problem of our health system: We keep parking ambulances at the bottom of the cliff — what we need is a good strong fence at the top.

In Tasmania, we only have a couple of danger signs at the top of that cliff despite a capable workforce of fence builders busting to come and get the job done.

I’d argue that the correct investment in preventative health would bring about an economic boom; not only would it lead to an eventual reduction in public spending on acute health, a growing budget problem universally, it would open the floodgates to a torrent of clever innovation already happening in the sector which is focused on keeping people well for longer and out of hospitals. 

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