Bianca Walsh, Founder + Restaurateur

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Healthy Tasmania Pty Ltd have an excellent reputation and having worked with them in both a collaborative form and in a fee for service way I can attest to their professionalism and level of quality is second to none. Their contribution to the community through their huge amount of programs for groups, organisations and individuals, mean it’s hard to convey just how much they do at a grass roots level, but also a high strategic/long-term focus level. Their work is always based on best practice and research and Lucy, Penny and their team are well-trained, educated and intelligent but most importantly so incredibly passionate about making the world a better place. Their efficiency and organisation is of the highest standard and if you want something done, well you go to these two! Their connections across government, business and community is exceptional and the trust the organisation has formed with any one they interact with, shows their professionalism, but also their compassion and humility.

Stephen Brown, CEO, Launceston City Mission

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We have now engaged the services of Lucy and Healthy Tasmania on a number of projects where we are seeking to deliver better health outcomes for our clients, volunteers and staff. These projects span across workplace health and wellbeing, smoking cessation and trauma grief and loss support for children.

The team at Healthy Tasmania have always been flexible, adaptable and sensitive to the mission and vision of our organisation. They have been able to connect us to new networks as our programs have pivoted to include more clinical services, as we respond to the increased complexity of issues our people are experiencing themselves or in their roles to support others. Healthy Tasmania offer us bespoke services that suit our needs, are based on evidence, and provide us with expertise and experience beyond our own resource whenever we need it

Cynthia Pearce, President, Tasmanian School Administrators Association of Tasmania

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It was fabulous to have Penny as one of our keynote speakers at our Association Conference. Her presentation was dynamic, interesting and gave our attendees lots to ‘take away’ both personally and professionally. Penny provoked some great discussion points for the delegates – making memorable stories, showing your vulnerable self and authenticity, being ok with who we are and learning to like ourselves!

Dr Torna Pitman, Researcher, Coercive Control Expert, Founder and Director Talking Wise

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I loved the way that Penny structured and ran Amplify your Impact. This course is a powerful weekly group coaching and individual coaching course that changed my perspective. It gave me new skills, raised my awareness and increased my insight into how I want to and how I can impact others in my professional capacity. Penny is a skilful teacher and coach. She provides the most thoughtful resources to use within the coaching sessions. I felt I was in exceptionally talented hands

Kim Seagram, Chair and Co-Founder FermenTasmania, Board Director

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I have known and worked with Healthy Tasmania through Lucy and Penny and have been so impressed with their reach and impact throughout the Tasmanian community.  They have built a strong following and brand through the hard work and results focussed projects they take on.  All projects they take on around tackling issues with solution driven goals and outcomes due to the depth of knowledge and the theory backing up their expertise in the promotion of good physical and mental health. They have incredible networks due to the respect they continue to build with every project they deliver on. I, personally, am a regular consumer of their podcasts and continue to use their tips and hints. The team at Healthy Tasmania offers a range of skills and their evidence-based approach ensures real outcomes, and their contemporary style ensures they will work with the community/clients in a manner that will suit them, again, allowing for a better chance of success