Healthy Quit

A unique and innovative 'quit smoking' program for your staff or community group

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Healthy Quit supports you, to support your people QUIT smoking. The program pulls together the evidence to create a flexible, hands-on, creative and interactive program that can be adapted to meet the needs of your group or organisation. Healthy QUIT has been developed from a pilot program that boasts a 64% short-term quit rate, providing an exciting and life-changing opportunity for organisation and its people.

Healthy Performance

Coaches, Parents or Young Athletes - tune in!

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Do you or someone close to you lack the capacity to undertake specific strength and conditioning training to enhance their game? We are pleased to be offering ‘Healthy Performance’, a strength and conditioning program designed specifically for players who wish to take their performance from ‘good’ to ‘elite’ or need support to make gym-based training work for them.