Active Minutes

A free hardcopy resource to help people stay active who aren’t digitally connected.

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While you'll find lots of ways to stay active online, we know not everyone uses technology in the same way, for many different reasons. If you have people in your life who don't use computers, these might help. Simply print them out and send them. 

Active Minutes

FREE resource to help people stay active who aren’t digitally connected – print these off and provide them to your community members.

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Health Speak podcast launches

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Hosted by Healthy Tasmania's Penny Terry, Health Speak was launched on Monday in partnership with City Park Radio and funded by a state government Healthy Tasmania Community Innovations Grant.

During the first episode - Need a bum doctor? Here's what to expect - Dr Lloyd explained why a lot of people remained hesitant about making an appointment. Click through to learn more about this exciting podcast and to read the full story courtesy of the Examiner Newspaper.

Davin Hibberd, Executive & Communications Officer, DonateLife TAS

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HT Pty Ltd (and Penny) were fantastic to work with to raise greater awareness of our service and what our sometimes "hidden" specialist professionals do to support organ and tissue donation for the community. Would definitely recommend participation to other services thinking about looking for other avenues to reach the community.