David Spear, Partnerships and Communications, Regional Australia Institute

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Healthy Tasmania’s Penny Terry and Lucy Byrne are a brilliant example of local people leading action to lift the aspiration and performance of regional communities and business in Australia. Their enthusiasm and professionalism bringing together shared community and business interests is impressive, and a skill set of great value to those they serve.

Simon Harrison, Manager of Parks and Recreation, City of Hobart

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The City of Hobart has partnered with Healthy Tasmania in the delivery of the inaugural “Healthy Hobart” program.  The program successfully delivered 21 free events offering a range of recreational and social opportunities across the City.  The success of the program was underpinned through the efforts of the team at Healthy Tasmania through their ongoing commitment to improving levels of physical health and social wellbeing within our community.

Troy Merritt, Bitlink

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There is a strong alignment between Bitlink and Healthy Tasmania, we are both passionate about delivering better outcomes for Tasmania through education and engagement. In helping to develop the Active Technology program, we felt a strong connection with the Healthy Tasmania team and found their professionalism and creative approach to problem solving aided in producing a better outcome than we could have imagined.There ability to promote and connect us with the community has helped ensure that our collaborations will continue to achieve great outcomes into the future.

Dr Polly McGee

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I could't be more excited about this initiative by Lucy Byrne and Penny Terry. Having had the pleasure of working on projects with both of them, their combined intelligence, community spirit, capacity for being change makers, creativity and drive is an indomitable force for good in Tasmania and beyond