A tribe of community storytellers

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We’ve been busily creating a tribe community storytellers to help solve some of Tassie’s toughest problems. WE LOVE this project – it truly recognises how people get their information, who they trust and taps into the science of storytelling to spread information into our communities in a way that is heard, remembered and relevant. It’s been awesome working with people who are so passionate and now equipped to use their stories to make a big impact for the kids growing up in their communities. It’s been such a pleasure working with the B4 Early Years Coalition on this one, who are pushing forward and happily taking innovate steps to make change happen more quickly

Professional development for health professionals

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We’re going back to Ulverstone – we love it there. We’ve partnered with the Dr Simon Monks Memorial Foundation to bring the Director of the Launceston Diabetes Clinic, Associate Professor Gary Kilov, and his MASSIVE brain to the North-West Coast. Did you know that Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia; increasing at a faster rate than other chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer? That’s why we have Professor Kilov talking with 60 primary health care workers about the recent changes to international diabetes guidelines, medications and technology. 

Healthy Shed

In 2019 it's Rocherlea's turn

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We’ve moved to a brand new shed, literally. We’re working with the Rocherlea community to design and deliver 14 week healthy lifestyle program to support the group to reduce unhealthy habits like inactivity, smoking and poor food choices, plus there will be a focus on their connection to mental health. A program flyer will be available soon. This project has been funded by the Healthy Tasmania Community Innovations Grants through the Tasmanian Government.