David Bakker, Founding Director and Clinical Psychologist, Moodmission App

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Very supportive, easy, and clear. The Healthy Tasmania team were very professional and easy to work with. At times like these, people tend to become more mindful of their health, including their behavioural and psychological health. Programs like these are a great response to those community demands and opportunities.

Jenny McGregor, Humour Foundation Australia

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I felt honoured and privileged to be a part of the [Mentally Well] program and I thought 'Laughter is Medicine' was a good fit for the program too. I thought you [Healthy Tasmania] were all very organised and direct in letting me know your expectations and feedback afterwards too. It was exciting to be involved in a new initiative, and I sensed the passion amongst the Heathy Tasmania Team too, which was brilliant. I was nervous for my talk, as I haven't ever done anything to that scale over Zoom before. It was a slightly new dynamic for me, so I wanted to make sure I delivered the best experience for all that I could. However, I really enjoyed it when I was 'on air' and enjoyed getting into the flow and hopefully conveying my message to those watching. I just hope everyone got something positive out of it too!!

Sally Milbourne, President, Tasmania Principals Association

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I read, with great delight, the story about the Mental Well [Mentally Well] sessions you have organised. What a wonderful initiative and support for people in these difficult times….. Just to let you know that we have sent out the information you sent us to our Executive members for distribution to their Communication Tree members. Thank you for your support of our members.