Register for our programs here

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You can register right now for any of the programs we manage (such as Healthy Hobart, Active Launceston and Healthy George Town) simply by clicking here. By filling in your details now, you simply turn up and tell the session instructor your name and you're in! You can also do this via our app called 'I'm in by Healthy Tasmania', you'll find all the details you need to use the app on this page as well. 

Active Launceston Spring program a success

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Active Launceston is a community driven partnership which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the Launceston community through physical activity. Active Launceston programs are currently in a hiatus but 'watch this space' as we are BUSY behind the scences to continue to deliver this amazing evidence-based program. In the meantime, head to for any more information now.

Healthy Tasmania calls for greater investment in preventative health: The Examiner

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There is no ecaping the need for greater investment in preventative health to relieve the burden on our states health system and budget. With a state election looming there is no better time for a comprehensive focus on preventative health and the impact proper investment could have on the health, social and economic outcomes of our communites. We were thrilled to lead a special Sunday Examiner series that looks at current preventative health initiatives, policies, case studies, and ideas from experts, in the lead up to the state election. Click through to read the full article.

There was media everywhere at the launch of 'healthy habits' pilot project #ImReady

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It was great to see a huge turn up from the local media at the recent launch of an exciting new pilot project that we're working on with the University of Tasmania called #ImReady. The 15 participants from the Big Picture School in Launceston became local celebrities turning up on the telvision, the radio, social media and in the newspaper. Click through to read the full article from The Examiner.