Holy hat Batman

Holy hat batman, I’m a business owner. Although I’m not sure what I own yet, except an ABN, risk and a pile of debt. Still, we (being me and Batman) are ridiculously excited about it. We’re excited about the idea, the passion and the potential – all of which we also proudly own (like bosses).

Let’s take a quick look at how all this happened.

My sister Lucy and I decided we were bored of just being sisters, so we thought why not complicate our relationship and become business partners too? We grabbed our wands, rubbed our bellies and turned around three times in a clockwise direction and “TA DA” we now have a business. Easy!


Did I mention risk, debt, oh and my favourite part so far, learning a payroll and invoicing system – yee-haw! Then there was the time that we accidentally (on good advice) bought some software for a small fortune when the free version would have done, or the time we realised we now have lawyers and an accounting team, but the real highlight is that 'yeah good luck with that' look that comes beaming back at us when we explain what we're trying to achieve. So we've learnt to find our inner Taylor Swift and "Shake it off, shake it off... and think about the many times other people have told us that our idea is gold and WILL work". Ahh it's such a great tune.

The easy bit came at the very beginning. We'd find ourselves regularly debriefing about the things we see and learn in our day jobs. We’d talk about the stuff that puts some of us in Tasmania so far behind the eight-ball when it comes to health, an ability to work and contribute to the community and to the economy. As the conversation flowed, so would the ‘glass is half full (of wine)’ attitude and some of it just seemed so easy to fix.

Fix? Well, that’s the dream. If I was a mechanic I’d say it’s more like a tune up: the engine works, it’d just run better with a few modifications. We know it takes a huge team to make those modifications, but we have a good tool kit and want to use it. So we’ve decided to start working on the bits we can now and link up with the other mechanics that are helping to get this engine running well again (workshop analogies - helping to explain things since 2016).

Basically we’re about promoting practical lifestyle, workplace and community change, to help make people's lives better and our state a better place to live. 

We all know the research says “Preventative Health is the secret to the Universe”... I'm pretty sure those are the exact words. This has been the crux of Lucy’s work for almost 20 years, it’s the subject of her Masters and what she’s travelled across the world telling people at conferences to much rowdy applause. But still, here in Tassie, people end up in hospital when they shouldn’t have to, EVEN if they know better (and there are many who don’t).

So every time I promise myself that I’ll get up early and go for a run… then don’t, I’m reminded that we all need to find new ways, innovative ways, fun ways to help each other live better lives.  

It’s complex, there are no easy answers, but we’re going to have a crack.

Oh the places we’ll go. There’s fun to be done! (I’m now convinced Seuss was talking about starting a new business).

There really IS fun to be done. Better get to it.


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