Introducing the Grub Grab

Introducing the Grub Grab


Let’s play a game.

Although, I’ll warn you, it’s not really a game because I don’t know if there will be any winners. Perhaps I’ll call it a challenge.

Let’s play a challenge.

It’s called ‘grub grab’.  The aim of the game is to take a photo of a #grubgrabfail or a #grubgrabwin, upload it to a social media account of your choice, tag @healthytasmania and we’ll send you a high five in the mail (how’s that for some #inspo)

Let me explain.

A grub grab is when you’re a little bit ‘on-the-fang’ (as phrase coined by my friend Jodi) and you just want something snacky to eat. You might go for a quick grub grab at your fridge or your pantry. You might be breaking up a long drive and stop in at the servo for a grub grab. It might happen at the corner shop, the bakery, or when you stupidly go to the supermarket hungry knowing you’ll either die or buy the entire contents of each shelf if you can’t find something quick to snack on.

I want to see what you are grabbing. Are you game? Revealing what you snack on can be worse than someone reading your diary. This is intimate. 

A #grubgrabfail is when the food you grab is NOT really that good for you and you know it, but it’s really tempting, pretty cheap and it’s staring you in the face everywhere you look. 

A #grubgrabwin is the more elusive of the two, it’s the rare occasion when you CAN find something that is reasonably healthy, affordable and yummy to snack on.

If you're thinking “Please don’t look in my fridge, don’t look at the wrappers in my car, DON’T JUDGE ME”! Believe me, there is no judging here.  I love to mung on a good #grubgrabfail as much as the next person, but I’m also pro-choice God dammit, and I want to see more healthy options in front of me. I want it to be easier. #equalrightsforhealthyfood.

Where are you health food marketers? Where are the yummy, cost comparative raw food bliss balls at the supermarket checkout? Why is there a half eaten block of chocolate in my fridge, instead of hummus with carrot and celery sticks? Why, when I buy petrol, am I offered an 8c a litre discount if I buy two chocolate bars or two packets of chips or two Gatorades? Where is the offer of buying two oat slices (can you imagine!)?

Why is there a relentless discrimination against healthy food choices at counters all around Australia? (Just FYI, a white hot dog roll soaked in beetroot juice, filled with slimy salad, with mayonnaise smeared all over the cellophane wrapping DOES NOT count as a #grubgrabwin)

We all need a little help to form good habits don’t we? Everything we read about Tasmania tells us we have the freshest, healthiest, yummiest food getting around, yet whenever I go into a shop to grab a snack, that’s not what I’m seeing. Instead I’m seeing the VERY tempting, cheap, processed and typically fast... food options.

So while we wait for someone to set up a farmers market complete with petrol bowsers on the side of the highway, if you find a checkout with an oat slice in prime position, PLEASE take a photo and share widely.

(and we didn't even get to the issue of food security... that'll have to wait for another post)

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