Working in the Gaps (what we do)

Chapter 1 - January 2021

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The most common question we get asked at Healthy Tasmania is "but what do you really do?" So, we decided that 2021 was the time to start explaining. Every fortnight (or there abouts) an email will appear in your inbox with a few of our latest thoughts, projects, free programs, community partners and as little sales spam as we're able to uphold! If you want to subscribe to this special list you can fill out your details on our home page in 'Mind if we inbox you?' box.

Yoga makes a return to City Park

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On behalf of the City of Launceston, we're excited to bring Active Launceston back to the community for another year and this round of programs includes some sessions back at City Park.

Click through to learn more about this awesome story courtesy of the Examiner Newspaper.

Free Equipment to get Ravenswood active

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The date is 20 August 2020 and we delivered one of ten FREE exercise sessions at the Ravenswood Men's and Community Shed (MACS). The sessions are an extension of the Active Launceston project utilising the brand-new fitness equipment and made possible through funding from the Stronger Communities Programme with support from Member for Bass Bridget Archer, Starting Point Neighbourhood House and the City of Launceston.

Click through to learn more about this exciting story courtesy of the Examiner Newspaper.