Rule of Thumb podcast officially launched by Federal Minister

It was a pretty good feeling to watch The Federal Minister for the Safety of Women Senator Anne Ruston, officially launch a podcast focussed on the safety of women!

Rule of Thumb is a podcast series we created for The Women’s Legal Service Tasmania to help us all better understand family violence and the legal processes surrounding it. In doing so, we start to notice things we may have missed before and get useful words to say, and things to do, that will help. With thousands of listens already logged, Rule of Thumb was officially launched on June 10 by Minister Anne Ruston, along with Bridget Archer MP, Jo Palmer MCL and a room full of family violence specialists, TV cameras and journalists.

It's hard to remember what life was like before we learned everything that we’ve learned working on this project. What we do know is that we'll never forget it. As one listener said “This podcast is mind blowing! Everyone who know a women who is in a relationship (ie everyone) needs to listen to this… This is brilliant, and such a very important piece of work”

You can listen to Rule of Thumb via the links below or wherever you get your podcasts.

Season one: A guide to help women prepare for and understand the systems that are
involved in the process of separation.
Season two: A guide to understanding, calling out and reducing family violence.
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Story featured in the Examiner Newspaper, June 2021

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