Why do some communities have low rates of infant immunisation?


What goes through your head when you learn that Huonville and Bruny Island have some of the lowest rates of infant immunisation in the country?

It makes us want to find out why.

One of the things we love about the work that we do is it is community led. We go into communities and ask them what the challenges are. We then work with local services to develop a plan to address these challenges and make some positive change. In the work we are doing with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) 'Right as Rain' program, that plan begins in the lead up to local agricultural shows in rural and remote areas. We listen first, then work out what we can provide at the local show that will start to improve health outcomes for the local area.

We’ll be with the RFDS at the Huon show this Saturday, the 12th of December with immunisation experts. It will give parents the opportunity to ask questions and get FREE advice, in an easy and relaxed setting, about the latest immunisation research so they can make the best decision about the health of their families.

The RFDS 'Right as Rain' program has teamed up with Immunisation Peadiatrician Dr Jenny Royal from Melbourne, along with staff from the Huon Valley Health Centre and the DHHS Communicable Diseases Prevention Unit. Dr Royal specialises in providing advice to families with a range of complex issues relating to immunisations, including previous vaccine reactions and heightened concerns around potential immunisations side effects.

We’re just loving that the RFDS site is fast becoming one of the busiest spots at Tasmania’s remote agricultural shows. Watching locals get invovled in finding solutions to the health challenges in their community is awesome and proves to us that health inequities that currently exist in Tasmania CAN be improved. RFDS Tasmania CEO John Kirwin says “the RFDS is being proactive in calling for a change to address the clear health inequities between remote and rural communities, and those in the larger metropolitan areas. We hope our time at the Huon Valley show will help to keep the locals out of our planes and out of hospital.”

The Huon show is the fourth remote agricultural show the RFDS 'Right as Rain' team has attended this year. Learn more about 'Right as Rain' here:


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