Look as good as us with a Healthy Tasmania branded hoodie, t-shirt or hat

We have hats, t-shirts and hoodies and since we started wearing them everyone wants to jump on the Healthy Tasmania bandwagon! Download the order form and send it back to us and we will get some HT gear out to you faster than you can say #buylocal

12 Storytelling techniques

These are 12 of the easiest and most effective storytelling techniques you'll need.

It's your lucky day! It seems you've visited our website at just the right time as you can download these 12 techniques for FREE. Use them wisely, use them often.  If you haven't already had Penny run you through them, head over to our Storytelling page to check out some of the workshops we offer. She'll make them, make sense.

A Guide for healthier catering

When planning your next lot of catering at functions and events, why not make it healthy and lead by example? We've done the hard work for you and have put together a simple healthy catering guide to help you select your menu whether you're doing it inhouse or ordering in. Easy!

St.LukesHealth Tasmanian Health Report

Find out what the big health issues are for young Tasmanians (25 to 34 year-olds) and what that might mean for the future of our health system. You can find out more about the report and download the report here.

NOTE: This report was compiled pre-COVID19

Story generation

Collect your stories with this handy table

So it's time to create your storytelling habit, is it? We couldn't be happier! This little table will get you started, then you can create your own personalised version. Download it for FREE now, then use it once a day, or once a week, whatever is going to fit best into your routine. 

Kitchen Session videos

Watch our short 10 min daily activity session to keep you healthy, at home

When the COVID-19 restrictions first began in March 2020 we created eight short Facebook live videos that to help you keep active even though you might not be able to do it the way you usually would. These 10 minute videos show you how to stay active using the bits and pieces you've got at home or in the garden. Do them three times a day and you'll get your recommended daily physical activity as recommended for adults by the Australian Guidelines.  You can download them here or check them out via our Facebook Page

Active Minutes

A free hardcopy resource to help people stay active who aren’t digitally connected.

While you'll find lots of ways to stay active online, we know not everyone uses technology in the same way, for many different reasons. If you have people in your life who don't use computers, these might help. Simply print them out and send them. 

Work with us

Express your interest to be part of our Register of Brilliant People

So, we hear you're keen to help Tasmanians improve their health, social and economic outcomes? Us too! This is a call for Expression of Interest to be listed on our register of Brilliant People. We work with a whole range of people from allied health professionals to nutritionists to storytellers to consultants. If you're someone who helps others live better lives, we probably want you in ours.  If you're a good fit, we may call on you to provide sessions for the various programs we manage. It's a triple threat opportunity: You get paid, you get to promote what you do, and you can pull in new clients (see, it's brilliant).

Register for our programs here

You can register right now for any of the programs we manage (such as Healthy Hobart, Active Launceston and Healthy George Town) simply by clicking here. By filling in your details now, you simply turn up and tell the session instructor your name and you're in! You can also do this via our app called 'I'm in by Healthy Tasmania', you'll find all the details you need to use the app on this page as well.